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11 Mar 2002

New campaign for the world’s local bank

HSBC has launched a new worldwide advertising campaign designed to define the distinct personality of the Group's brand and introduce HSBC as 'the world's local bank'.

The campaign will run on TV, in print and online, and over the course of the year it will appear across the 81 countries and territories HSBC serves worldwide.

The concept was developed following worldwide consumer research which found that, while people appreciate the value of international organisations and services, they question the prevailing 'one size fits all' global model. Consumers want to be treated as individuals, and to feel that companies care about them, recognise their needs and understand what makes their community unique.

Underpinning the advertising is HSBC's philosophy that the world is a rich and diverse place in which cultures and people should be treated with respect. Around the world, the Group has built its businesses locally, and HSBC's 31 million customers can be confident that the service they receive has a world of experience behind it.

HSBC's advertisements will demonstrate the importance of local knowledge by exploring distinctive national customs and practices. Carrying the strapline 'the world's local bank' the advertising will show that anyone who banks with HSBC can benefit from services and advice from a company with international experience, delivered by people sensitive to the customs and needs of their community.

Peter Stringham, Head of Marketing for HSBC worldwide, worked closely with Lowe's, the Group's global agency, in developing the campaign. He said: "This new campaign makes a clear and powerful statement about what HSBC stands for. I believe it will differentiate the HSBC brand not just from other financial organisations, but from other global brands."

The first adverts will appear from 11 March in the FT and the Wall Street Journal Europe, and on CNN, CNBC and BBC World. Over the course of the year, the campaign will run in the Economist, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, National Geographic, Forbes Global, Business Week, and the Wall Street Journal (Asia and New York).

National media, including television, will also be targeted in key locations worldwide, as the strategy shapes regional and local advertising and marketing activity for HSBC throughout the world.

HSBC's campaign was delivered by the Group's advertising agency, Lowe & Partners Worldwide. Nigel Gilbert, HSBC's worldwide account director at Lowes, said: "This has been a fascinating exercise in developing a fresh and different positioning for a great financial brand, and it's been a truly worldwide team effort to develop great creative work in HSBC's key markets."