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Counting the cost of education

16 April 2014

Most parents see paying for education as the best financial support they can offer...

The rising consumer class

14 April 2014

A new generation of young, prosperous and independent consumers should drive...

Asian tune up needed

11 April 2014

Better economic data in the US, Europe and Japan should benefit Asian exports...

Chill remains in US economy

11 April 2014

Severe winter weather has disrupted US production and spending. Manufacturing...

Inflation is too low for comfort

3 April 2014

What is causing the sudden disinflation across much of the West and in emerging markets?

Will India’s investment cycle turn?

28 March 2014

India’s investments grew more than 10 per cent a year between 2000 and 2011...

Emerging markets PMI

China PMI falls

Conditions in China's manufacturing sector deteriorated for the third consecutive month, according to the HSBC China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index™. The index fell to 48.0 in March, down from 48.5 in February.





China and the renminbi

China: assessing financial reforms

11 March 2014

Stephen King, HSBC Group Chief Economist, talks with Qu Hongbin, Chief Economist for Greater...

China and ASEAN relations

15 January 2014

China has embarked on a new phase of economic development. In the future, it will no longer rely mainly on its export...

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Renminbi timeline

10 March 2014

China’s economic growth and liberalisation are leading to increasing international use of its currency, the renminbi. We chart some of the recent milestones.

A history of China's currency

17 June 2013

Since 1949, China's currency has been the renminbi (RMB), which means "people's currency"…

RMB quiz

23 May 2013

The Chinese currency, the renminbi or RMB, is fast establishing its presence...

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