Our people and communities

Creating opportunities together

People are at the core of what we do. Our dynamic, inclusive, and flexible culture focused on learning and collaboration. We're empowering our people and those in our communities to develop skills for the future.

We're investing in the development of our people through learning and mentorship programmes. Through our charitable partnerships and volunteering opportunities, they can share their skills and create a positive impact in society.

Our global reach is our unique strength. Bringing together diverse people, ideas and perspectives helps us open up opportunities and build a more inclusive world. We are dedicated to building a connected workforce where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can learn from and with each other.

We've adopted a hybrid working model that supports collaboration between physical and virtual workplaces and are focused on the mental health and wellbeing of our employees.

  • A group of six HSBC employees talk together


    We value difference and were founded on the strength of different people, experiences and voices. They are integral to who we are and how we work.

  • Learning together

    At HSBC, we encourage collaboration, the pursuit of new skills through training and diverse thinking to help shape the future of the bank.

  • Alumni

    With around 220,000 employees – and many more former colleagues – HSBC is a large community. Our Alumni network helps people to stay in touch after leaving the bank.

Our impact on society

Supporting communities

Find out how we’re helping people develop the employability and financial skills they need to thrive in the modern world.


We encourage our employees to take part in voluntary and charitable work, from local community projects to global causes.


Our sponsorship activities help us form stronger connections with the customers, colleagues and communities we serve.

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