How we grow together

Learning fuels our innovation. It empowers us to embrace change and break down barriers; to grow and thrive together. The world is changing, and at HSBC we’re investing in the skills and technology we need across our global network to build a sustainable future.

Navigating the future of work

We’re empowering our people to learn with and from each other, our customers and our partners. We encourage collaboration, the pursuit of new skills and diverse thinking through our extensive training and mentoring programmes. We harness our collective capacity to innovate and find new opportunities to shape the future both inside our organisation and in wider society. We are working to ensure everyone has the skills needed to thrive.

Evolving soft skills

As technology advances, the skills that are uniquely human will be increasingly important to grow and develop. Machines and algorithms enable optimization and efficiency but humans drive the solutions and development of ideas. Learning to unlock and evolve how we use these soft skills is essential to navigate the changes ahead.

New trends and technologies continue to change the way we live and work and adopting a mindset of continuous learning will enable us to be ready for what’s next.

1 billion
Fact: 1 billion people will need to reskill by 2030
Source: World Economic Forum

Commit to curiosity

Curiosity is a big determinant of career success. Learn how to unlock this important skill to benefit the way you work.

Inspire your creativity

Creativity is virtually impossible to automate. Understand how to use creative thinking to solve problems in new ways.

Get connected and collaborate

Learn how connectivity and collaboration can help us work better, faster, to innovate new solutions.

From contact centre agent to bot builder

Judy Joyce Shaw used her experience from helping customers to move to a role designing chatbots that improve our service.

We are bringing together new learning, new technologies and new communities to prepare our people and customers for what comes next.

Barry O’Byrne, Chief Executive, Global Commercial Banking

Digital upskilling

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and becoming increasingly embedded in the way we work. At HSBC it’s critical to continue developing even better digital platforms and features to make banking simpler, safer and more personalised for our customers, as well as supporting our colleagues in their jobs. Understanding this continuous innovation and being able to adapt to it is essential.

Innovation with purpose

Find out what innovation means to our colleagues who are developing digital solutions across the bank.

Harnessing big data

Learn how we use data analytics and machine learning to make banking better for our customers.

Using blockchain to transform transactions

Explore how blockchain technology is transforming trade and payments for our clients.

Getting smart about using data

Using information smartly and responsibly is key to serving customers better, says HSBC’s Ranil Boteju.

Technology’s role in the future of finance

Businesses should be able to make payments across borders in the future as quickly and simply as they make domestic payments today.

Managing our ATMs with AI

Innovative use of artificial intelligence technology is helping HSBC to ensure that our cash machines don’t run out of money.

Counting me into technology

2019 Technology Graduate entry Dionne Mason’s love of Maths has been the foundation of her IT career.

Exploring the power of quantum computing

Quantum computing could revolutionise banking in areas like risk analytics, machine learning and cybersecurity.

Skill-building in the community

At HSBC, we are committed to supporting both our own people, and those in our communities to develop skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Our Future Skills charitable partnerships support people to be more employable and manage money well – creating a more sustainable future for us all. Our aim is to help 2 million people build these essential skills between 2018 and the end of 2020.

Young people make a difference with tech

Discover the apps that were named winners at the Technovation World Summit, supported by HSBC.

HSBC backs social innovators

The bank is supporting pioneering projects that help people develop the skills they need to thrive.

What global youth need now

HSBC in partnership with Junior Achievement Worldwide explore the consequences of COVID-19 and the case for building financial capability and economic resilience.

Supporting communities

Fact: More than 4 million people are estimated to have benefited from HSBC-funded employability and financial capability programmes since 2018
Fact: Our employees spent 82,000 working hours volunteering on community projects in 2020.
Fact: Our total charitable giving in 2020 was $113 million US dollars, including our $25 million US dollars COVID-19 donation fund

Supporting a bright future in Australia

HSBC is helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to attend leading schools and universities.

Want to join us?

Explore what how a career with us will give you the opportunity to learn, make connections all over the world and help build the bank for the future.

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