With technology developing at a rapid pace, a secondary education or university degree is no longer a guarantee of employment. A range of skills are now needed to succeed in the workplace. Financial literacy is also an increasingly important tool in a world of rising wealth inequality.

Against this backdrop, a key part of our sustainability strategy is now focused on future skills, for our customers, employees and for the people in the communities we serve. We are doing this by concentrating on two key areas:


To achieve our goal of boosting employment-related skills, we are committing to:

  • Helping people in our communities develop the skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow through the HSBC Partnership for Skills. Supporting charitable partnerships that will help 1 million people develop employment-related skills through USD80 million in focused funding by 2020, and sharing our expertise as a large employer to help education and training initiatives provide the skills employers need.

  • Providing industry-leading learning and development for our people to help them thrive now and in the future. Last year we launched HSBC University, which provides training opportunities both online and via dedicated new premises. We are now building on this resource so our employees can develop the skills required for current and future roles.

Financial capability

Financial capability means having the skills, attitudes and tools needed to manage money effectively. We are pledging to:

  • Help people understand their financial needs and make the most of their money through education. We will be supporting educational initiatives that help increase financial capability, including funding charitable partnerships that will help 1 million people through USD35 million in focused funding by 2020.

  • Make building financial capability a central part of the HSBC customer experience. We will do this through new digital tools like Connected Money by HSBC and by encouraging our employees to help customers make the most of their money.

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