Coming to work at HSBC means joining an international community where different perspectives are valued. We want you to feel connected to this community for life, even if your career takes you elsewhere.

There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have worked at HSBC at some point in their life. Whether you retire or move on to another job elsewhere, we hope you will feel proud about having worked here.

Your relationship with HSBC shouldn’t have to end after you leave the bank. That’s why we have launched HSBC Alumni, a global network that helps employees past and present keep in touch with the bank and with each other. Through the HSBC Alumni website members can:

  • Connect with colleagues past and present
    Catch up with old friends via our directory
  • Find news about the bank
    The site offers news about life at HSBC and the bank’s strategy and performance, as well as stories about current and former employees
  • Explore jobs at HSBC
    The latest permanent job opportunities are listed on the site
  • Access events and offers
    Members will receive invitations to a range of events and seminars. These can help broaden your perspective and allow you to connect with former and current colleagues

To become a member, you must have worked at HSBC for at least six months. Current employees can also join, and registration is free. To find out more, visit the HSBC Alumni site (opens in new window).

HSBC Alumni is a community for everyone who has contributed to the success of the bank over the years. I encourage colleagues past and present to join

John Flint, HSBC Group Chief Executive

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