HSBC has been sponsoring the World Rugby Sevens Series since 2010

Does rain in India make Kiwis run faster? Would Turkish apricot farmers welcome an English victory? Are Chinese manufacturers inspired when Samoa win?

These are some of the questions asked in #BRINGYOURGAME, a light-hearted report published by HSBC Global Research. The report looks ahead to the HSBC-sponsored Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament taking place on 8-10 April.

We will continue to use the World Series’ profile and the interest in it to help engage even more youngsters over the coming years

HSBC analysts examine possible links between social, economic and meteorological trends and previous tournaments. Their findings – to be taken with a large pinch of salt – suggest that:

  • Lower cheese prices are good news for Fiji’s chances

  • When the fertility rate in Andorra increases, New Zealand are more likely to win

  • England are more than twice as likely to win when the UK receives above-average rainfall

  • An increase in tourism in the Republic of Congo improves Samoa’s chances

The light-hearted tone of the report reflects the festival atmosphere of the Hong Kong tournament, where some fans dress up as clowns, film stars, cartoon characters, pirates, cats, toy soldiers and even bananas.

This year is a significant one for the sport. Giles Morgan, Global Head of Sponsorship and Events, HSBC, said: “It’s a very special year for Sevens rugby. Less than three months after the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series reaches its climax in London in May, the sport will make its debut at the Rio Olympics.”

HSBC has been the title sponsor of the World Rugby Sevens Series for men since 2010 and for women since 2015. As well as supporting the elite game, the bank invests in grassroots community programmes. More than 200,000 youngsters have taken part in these programmes to date. Mr Morgan added: “We will continue to use the World Series’ profile and the interest in it to help engage even more youngsters over the coming years.”

Did you know?

  • Rugby Sevens is an intense and fast-paced form of the sport. With seven players on each team, most matches last just 15 minutes

  • A total of 12 national teams will compete at the Olympic Games in summer 2016. This will be rugby’s first appearance at the Olympics in nearly a century

  • Women’s rugby is growing in popularity. About 1.5 million girls and women worldwide now play the sport, according to the sport’s governing body World Rugby

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