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HSBC supports the UAE Central Bank’s mandate, as part of the Emiratisation policy, to increase the proportion of local nationals working in the banking sector. We have a range of programmes in place to recruit, develop and retain skilled UAE nationals and improve their representation at all levels of management.

We give preferential consideration to UAE national candidates when filling vacancies. We focus on recruiting UAE nationals who have the skills, technical knowledge and experience needed to do the job. In addition, we provide development programmes for those who are new to the banking industry.

Other initiatives include:

  • Al-Ro'ya Career Development Programme. This identifies high-potential UAE nationals at more junior levels of the organisation who are likely to be ready for promotion in the next 12-18 months, and provides them with targets and the tools they need to progress in their chosen career

  • Mentoring by senior managers

  • Opportunities for international assignments at HSBC’s global headquarters and offices around the world

  • A range of graduate and post-graduate programmes open to UAE national candidates

  • Al Nukhba Programme - a series of workshops that help UAE national students to acquire knowledge and some basic skills required in the banking industry, with the aim of recruiting them in the future

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