HSBC Securities Services Internship

Our HSBC Securities Services Internship will give you an introduction to our world-leading Securities Services business. We don’t mind what subject you’re studying, as long as you’re motivated, curious and dedicated to learning. It will give you a taste of life outside of education and an insight into the exciting opportunities available to you.

For: Penultimate-year student
Duration: Ten weeks
Areas: Global Banking and Markets – HSBC Securities Services


On our competitively paid ten-week internship, you’ll learn about HSBC Securities Services and gain a broad idea of how we work to protect our clients’ place in the market.

What you can expect

Our end-to-end Securities Services business is dedicated to creating tailored services for clients worldwide, including corporate, institutional and governmental investors and issuers. For ten weeks, you’ll be part of our team, learning how we deliver regional and international services and handle end-to-end transactions in a way that protects our clients’ interests. You will work with peers and specialists to develop your skills and broaden your knowledge of securities services and how to offer a better client service in a world that is more regulated and competitively challenging than ever.

What you will do

Your first week will include an induction to HSBC where you will learn about our business strategy, company culture, and our international impact. You will gain insight into a number of areas such as custody services, investment operations, fund administration, middle office services, corporate trust and loan agency services. Training and industry advice will be available throughout your internship. As long as you show dedication, a hunger for new challenges and an open mind, you will have the opportunity to go far.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for motivated and dedicated people who are:

  • Active listeners. You will work with new teams on exciting new projects so being able to listen to those around you will help you deliver projects on time and meet objectives
  • Good networkers. We encourage you to collaborate with clients, senior management, peers and our other teams internationally. This will build your confidence when communicating and your confidence when presenting
  • Strategic thinkers. We might be an internationally focused bank, but we also need to be able to think locally, becoming regional guides for our clients
  • Fast learners. You will work with a wide range of people on constantly evolving projects to help clients. You will need to be open to new ideas and have the ability to quickly understand your area and keep on top of ever-changing markets

What can this lead to?

Perform well and you’ll be considered for our HSBC Securities Services Graduate Programme, where you will enjoy the chance to go on an international rotation. This will allow you to enter the world of global asset protection where you can enjoy direct access to one of the largest Securities Services networks.

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