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A high-flying executive needs help to restructure their personal wealth. A leading entrepreneur is keen to make the most of investment opportunities around the world. A family business owner wants to grow the company and leave it in a strong financial position for the next generation. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Global Private Banking provides private banking, investment and wealth management services to business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives and their families.

Tailors needed

We are looking for people who can provide a bespoke service to our most prestigious clients, helping them to diversify their investment portfolios and structure their personal finances.

We offer personalised training and development to further your career and ensure you reach your potential. You will have responsibility for driving your own development. You will have regular access to business leaders for coaching and advice and be assigned a mentor and buddy who can guide you. You will need to be forward-thinking, driven and perceptive, open to different ideas and cultures, and enjoy being part of a team.

We believe that having a diverse and inclusive culture is key to our success. We want everyone to thrive at HSBC irrespective of their background.

Career paths

Our Global Private Banking Internship offers students the opportunity to discover how we build relationships with high-net-worth clients and learn about our investment offering. If you excel during your internship you’ll be considered for a place on our Global Private Banking Global Graduate Programme.

Our two-year Global Private Banking Global Graduate Programme provides a detailed understanding of what it takes to manage relationships with our clients and create a wealth management strategy that meets their financial goals.

Once you have completed our internship or global graduate programme you could take your career to the next level as a Relationship Manager or product specialist and progress towards a senior management role.

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