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Every day is busy, but it is a great pleasure to see the achievements of my team

I lead a team of around 200 people in our Retail Banking and Wealth Management business in Shenzhen and several surrounding small cities. This has expanded rapidly in the past 10 years along with the growth of the Chinese economy.

Currently we are focusing on high-end individual customers, riding on our strong reputation in China. HSBC has an even more reputable brand in Shenzhen owing to its proximity to Hong Kong, where the bank has a strong position in the market. Our team is young, well-educated and enthusiastic and there is an open, inclusive and energetic atmosphere, which is desirable for a young person.

A typical day might include management meetings to discuss progress and action plans, branch visits and meetings with customers and staff, and making decisions in areas about pricing, costs and whether to accept customers. As a team leader, I also spend a lot of time thinking about our business development strategy for the Shenzhen area. Sometimes this means I need to seek support from senior leadership or collect feedback from frontline staff.

I travel a lot on business to ensure that we are aligned with initiatives from headquarters and to monitor the performance of our different branches. Every day is busy, but it is a great pleasure to see the achievements of my team. Our revenues and profits have grown rapidly over the past few years.

I originally joined HSBC as a management trainee after graduating with a master’s degree. This provided me with a range of opportunities, including one-year assignments in mainland China and Hong Kong and an eight-week training session in the UK. I have had a series of promotions.

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Photo of Lewis Lei Sun

Head of Global Banking Sales, Global Liquidity and Cash Management - Shanghai (China)

HSBC demands the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and curiosity. A willing learner and team player would succeed

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