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Something clicked for me in the fast-paced banking environment

I had an unconventional route into the banking industry having qualified and practised as a solicitor in London and Dublin. In 2003, I was seconded into HSBC from a law firm and something clicked for me in the fast-paced banking environment. I was fortunate to be offered a role on the multi-product origination desk in 2005, working in emerging markets.

Since joining the bank I have been able to work on a number of exciting challenges, be that the establishment of our franchises in Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa or innovative transactions across the world.

HSBC has offered support for my development through a range of training schemes, mentoring programmes and secondment opportunities. I now find that managing people and businesses can be as rewarding as dealing with clients because it often involves developing talent or establishing new ways of working

A typical day involves checking emails on the way into the office, before hitting my desk at 7am with a coffee in hand, ready to run through news from the markets overnight and catch up with clients or colleagues in time zones ahead of London.

I am out of the country three to four times a month either to meet clients or to assist them in meetings with investors. It can be a challenge to balance this with family life but you quickly get into a routine. Technology such as remote access to our work systems helps.

It can be bewildering deciding which part of the bank you are interested in; I would advise you to research all the business areas and then try to get some experience through a work placement. There are so many interesting opportunities.

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