Through our HSBC Education Programme we focus on helping young people to access education, to develop life skills and entrepreneurship, and to build their international and cultural understanding.

Access to education

Around the world, millions of children miss out on an education because they have other responsibilities, for example, caring for family members or providing them with an income. A lack of basic education keeps generations in the same poor living conditions. HSBC’s long-standing partnership with SOS Children’s Villages is one way we help give children the chance to have a stable home-life and get access to formal schooling.

Our programmes

Read about our investment in these and other international education initiatives, and the impact they are making.

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Life skills and entrepreneurship

Many young people have the ability and aspiration to succeed in business. Some of our programmes help to inspire young people and give them a taste for working in an entrepreneurial environment, helping them build their confidence and become literate in financial and business matters. Our work with Junior Achievement/Young Enterprise on the Company Programme in France, Malta, Japan and the UK is one such programme.

International and cultural understanding

Learning the language of a country is critical to understanding its culture, and understanding cultures is an important part of encouraging international business.

Our work with the British Council China Programme promotes cultural awareness and understanding in UK schools. An estimated 10,000 young people a year are taught Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture through the programme.

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