SecureMail is an e-mail encryption solution provided by Voltage Security and can be used with any e-mail application. E-mails are secured using identity-based encryption, which enables you to access your information quickly in addition to keeping the information safe.

The first time you receive a secure message encrypted by SecureMail, you will need to set up a SecureMail account and register your logon credentials. You will also be assigned a personalised security image which you will see every time you receive an e-mail via SecureMail from your HSBC relationship manager or HSBC representative.

Setting up an account is easy and does not require you to provide any financial or personal information. You will only be asked to provide a user name and a password of your choice. There is no charge to you for using this service and no requirements to download or install any special software. All that is needed is an e-mail account, connection to the internet and a web browser. Once you have set up your account, you will be able to login and view your message at any time.

For guidance on how to open the SecureMail message sent by your HSBC relationship manager or HSBC representative, please refer to the step-by-step user guide or quick reference guide.

Terms and conditions for SecureMail use

By using SecureMail to view your message, you agree to our Privacy Statement and our Terms and Conditions.

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