During the HSBC-sponsored Hong Kong Sevens tournament, taking place 27-29 March, some 40,000 spectators will watch 28 teams from around the world play a fast-paced and intense form of rugby. Analysts in the HSBC Global Research team have produced a light-hearted set of predictions about the contest in a report called #BRINGYOURGAME.

New Zealanders will triumph because they have won the last four HSBC Sevens World Series

Frederic Neumann,

Co-Head of Asian Economic Research, HSBC

Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research, HSBC, thinks that the current champions New Zealand have what it takes to win: “New Zealanders will triumph because they have won the last four HSBC Sevens World Series.”

James Garner, Head of Asian Insurance Equity Research, thinks that England, runners-up in 2014, can take the crown: “Hope springs eternal, even in the land of the pessimists.” Australia, who won the tournament in 1988, are also tipped to do well.

The methods used to make some of the predictions are, however, questionable. For example, Wai Shin-Chan, Director, Climate Change Strategy, HSBC, has examined the link between the number of pies eaten by fans and the results on the pitch – and is among those backing Australia: “The peculiarities of Aussie Rules give the Australians an advantage (especially when it comes to pies).”

Around 40,000 spectators will watch 28 teams take part in the Hong Kong Sevens

Analysts have also looked at the correlations between previous tournaments and the price of different asset classes and come to some unusual conclusions. Their findings suggest that Fiji are more likely to win when electricity consumption is rising in Armenia, for example, and that a New Zealand win pushes down the price of sunflower seeds.

Giles Morgan, Global Head of Sponsorship and Events, HSBC, said: “We are proud to be involved in a number of fantastic international sporting events around the world and the Hong Kong Sevens is a perfect fit for both us and our clients. The report by HSBC Global Research celebrates the energy and fun created by the Hong Kong Sevens, on and off the pitch.”

Rugby sevens has grown in profile and popularity since the first Hong Kong tournament took place in 1976. It will make its first appearance at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

HSBC has a long history of supporting rugby. In addition to sponsoring professional events and teams, the bank funds grassroots programmes encouraging young people to try the sport.

Quirky correlations

HSBC’s analysts have found some odd correlations between previous Hong Kong tournaments and different asset classes. Did you know…

  • Low cheese prices are good news for Fiji’s chances

  • Low butter prices are good news for New Zealand

  • England is more than twice as likely to win when the UK receives above average rainfall

  • Power generation in Belgium falls when New Zealand wins

  • When Fiji make the final, the Chinese telecommunications sector outperforms Indian telecommunications

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