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HSBC has been awarded 4 global and 13 regional and country prizes in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2014. The bank won global recognition as Best Emerging Markets Bank, Best Emerging Markets Debt House, Best Global Infrastructure House and Best Wholesale Bank for Technology Innovation.

The Best Global Infrastructure House award recognised HSBC’s international expertise and ability to support clients working across borders, industries and products on complex projects.

10 Jul 2014
HSBC recognised in Euromoney awards

Spencer Lake, Global Head of Capital Financing, HSBC, said: “As a leading project finance adviser, project bond underwriter and overall financing bank, HSBC is in a unique place to advise companies involved in infrastructure projects on their respective financing, risk management and investment needs across flow and event products.”

Clive Horwood, Editor of Euromoney magazine, said that HSBC had cemented its position as central to financial systems across emerging markets. He added: “Over the past year, HSBC has shown that in markets such as Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, it is becoming the key partner to many clients by delivering its extraordinary array of corporate and investment banking products.”

The awards, established in 1992, recognise the achievements of financial institutions in almost 100 countries.

Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2014 won by HSBC


  • Best Emerging Markets Bank
  • Best Emerging Markets Debt House
  • Best Global Infrastructure House
  • Best Wholesale Bank for Technology Innovation

Western Europe

  • Best Risk Adviser in Western Europe
  • Best Debt House in Western Europe

Latin America

  • Best Risk Adviser in Latin America
  • Best Transaction Services House in Latin America


  • Best Bank in Asia
  • Best Flow House in Asia
  • Best Risk Adviser in Asia
  • Best Bank in Hong Kong
  • Best Investment Bank in Hong Kong

Middle East

  • Best Investment Bank in the Middle East
  • Best Debt House in the Middle East
  • Best Investment Bank in Saudi Arabia
  • Best Debt House in UAE

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