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31 Jul 2013

Tackling climate change

Matthew Robinson

by Matthew Robinson

Sustainability Leadership Programme Lead, HSBC

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HSBC senior managers are helping to monitor the effects of climate change as part of the Sustainability Leadership Programme. The research, led by scientists from Earthwatch, involves measuring and collecting data on trees in forests across the globe and highlights how important it is for individuals and companies to tackle climate change.

HSBC has 6,600 offices in more than 80 countries, so sustainable actions across the Group can have a big impact

More than 450 senior managers from HSBC have attended the programme, which takes place in countries such as India and Brazil. They are expected to use their experience from the course to help make savings as part of HSBC's 'Reduce' sustainability strategy. This strategy aims to cut annual employee carbon emissions from 3.5 to 2.5 tonnes by 2020.

Through its 10-point plan, Reduce encourages HSBC staff to contribute to cutting waste and driving efficiencies through their day-to-day activities. Reduce asks HSBC's global workforce: "If not you, then who?"

HSBC has 6,600 offices in more than 80 countries, so sustainable actions across the Group can have a big impact. Often the focus is on energy usage, travel arrangements and the purchase of goods and services.

Giving young people a chance

HSBC now has one contract to look after its buildings rather than several agreements, allowing better management of energy consumption. The bank has set clear goals to help deliver the Reduce strategy, with penalties for failing to meet targets. HSBC representatives who negotiated the contract all took part in the Sustainability Leadership Programme.

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