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HSBC's main building in Hong Kong has been lit up with the colours of the rainbow to celebrate diversity and inclusion. The colours are derived from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rainbow flag.

Every one of us should understand that diversity and inclusion is central to our brand

Anita Fung,
CEO, HSBC Hong Kong

The lights will adorn the building for two nights and coincide with the Out on the Street Asia Summit 2013. The focus for the inaugural summit is the role of business in advancing LGBT equality. Out on the Street brings together senior leaders from the banking community and other industries.

Anita Fung, CEO, HSBC Hong Kong, will address an international audience to discuss leadership strategies and business opportunities in the LGBT community.

She said: “Every one of us should understand that diversity and inclusion is central to our brand. Senior leaders should always be aware that HSBC can only grow stronger and be more successful by attracting the best people, retaining them and ensuring that they are engaged. No one can afford ruling out the LGBT group when identifying the best talents. I look forward to having more opportunities to promote an LGBT-friendly culture within the organisation and in the financial industry.”

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