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Education is one of the most powerful ways to improve lives and enhance opportunities for millions of people. HSBC helps to provide access for disadvantaged children and prevent those most at risk from dropping out of the system. We tackle child poverty through education programmes and invest in scholarship funding so that able students can move on to higher learning.

Future First, HSBC’s flagship global education programme, aims to tackle child poverty through education projects. It was established in 2006 and has given some of the world's most marginalised and impoverished young people access to education and life skills, as well as a brighter and better future.

HSBC has committed USD40 million to Future First, a programme that has so far reached out to more than half a million children through 414 projects in 60 countries. Of the total commitment, USD25 million, announced in 2011, extends the programme to a host of new countries and expands its scope from street children, children in care and orphans to cover all children at risk.

Douglas Flint, HSBC Group Chairman, says: “We feel privileged to have been part of Future First’s work since 2006. They do incredible work that makes a meaningful difference to some of the world's most disadvantaged children. At HSBC, we believe that education is one of the most powerful tools to reduce poverty and inequality, and with Future First, we can help deliver projects that provide young people with a more sustainable and prosperous future. I wish everyone involved the very best success with this important programme.”

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