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The latest television advert for first direct stars a platypus. The unusual and humorous advert highlights the UK bank’s determination to stand out from the crowd.

Despite not having bank branches, first direct prides itself on offering top-notch customer service. The internet and telephone-based bank aims to show potential customers that a different way of banking does not mean standards have to be compromised.

The award-winning bank, which has been in business for 25 years, hopes the new campaign will raise its profile and attract younger people to the brand.

The campaign, which was launched on 26 May, 2013, includes full-length and half-length adverts plus funny clips from the filming process. There is also a Twitter hashtag – #unexpectedbank – to capitalise on social media.

The adverts have already captured the imagination of a famous UK national radio DJ, who has been talking about the platypus to his millions of listeners.

Matthew Higgins, first direct’s Brand Manager, said: “The campaign has attracted huge attention, as much on social media as on TV. This is very pleasing for us as we look to attract a younger audience to the first direct brand.”