The maintenance of appropriate health and safety standards is a key responsibility of all managers, and we are committed to managing all health and safety risks associated with our business. Our objectives are to identify, remove, reduce or control material risks relating to health, fires and accidents or injuries to employees and visitors.

Group standards, instructions, policies and guidance for all Health, Safety and Fire Policies are set by Group Corporate Real Estate. Achieving these in each country in which we operate is the responsibility of the Chief Operating Officer of that country, with support and coordination provided by the Health and Safety Coordinator for that country.

In terms of physical and geopolitical risk, Global Security and Fraud Risk provides regular security risk assessments to assist management in judging the threat level. Regional Security and Fraud Risk functions conduct regular security reviews of all Group buildings to ensure measures to protect our staff, buildings, assets and information are appropriate to the level of threat.

We remain committed to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety wherever we operate.