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30 Sep 2020 HSBC Bank plc EUR 500m Subordinated Floating Rate Notes (callable September 2015) ISIN XS0230370339 Common code 023037033 Final terms (12-page PDF 432KB)
28 Oct 2020 HSBC France EUR 1,000m 1.875% Covered Bond ISIN FR0011600923 Final terms (8-page PDF 298KB)
14 Dec 2020 HSBC France EUR 10,000,000 P76583 ISIN FR0012366813 Pricing supplement (17-page PDF 126KB)
15 Jan 2021 HSBC Bank plc EUR 1,500m 4.000% Senior Notes ISIN XS0526606537 Common code 052660653 Final terms (11-page PDF 835KB)
25 Jan 2021 HSBC Bank plc EUR 5,000,000 Average Growth Protected ISIN GB00BJSP0S71 Pricing supplement (9-page PDF 41KB)
21 Nov 2022 HSBC Bank plc EUR 50m Uniform Linked Notes ISIN XS0851658442 Final terms (56-page PDF 247KB)
5 Dec 2022 HSBC Bank plc EUR 0.28m Maxi Auto-Callable + Short DI Put ISIN XS0859789348 Final terms (16-page PDF 59KB)
12 Dec 2022 HSBC France EUR 6,000,000 P76517 ISIN FR0012364735 Pricing supplement (15-page PDF 64KB)
19 Dec 2022 HSBC Bank plc EUR 1m Lepo-Warrant ISIN GB00B9703406 Final terms (24-page PDF 82KB)
30 Jan 2023 HSBC Bank plc EUR 20m CMS Linked Note ISIN XS0878001642 Final terms (9-page PDF 120KB)
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