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2 May 2036 HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,000m 6.500% Subordinated Notes ISIN US404280AG4 Common code 404280AG4 Prospectus supplement (76-page PDF 257KB) Prospectus supplement (first increase) (75-page PDF 339KB) Prospectus supplement (second increase) (76-page PDF 282KB)
16 Mar 2037 HSBC Holdings plc USD 70,000,000 Fixed Rate Note ISIN xs0814375153 Offering memorandum (50-page PDF 4MB) Prospectus (36-page PDF 3MB)
15 Sep 2037 HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,500m 6.500% Subordinated Notes ISIN US404280AH22 Common Code 032063519 Prospectus and supplement (80-page PDF 445KB) Prospectus and supplement (increase) (80-page PDF 280KB)
7 Apr 2038 HSBC Holdings plc GBP 750m 7.000% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0356452929 Common code 035645292 Final terms (10-page PDF 198KB) Final terms (increase) (10-page PDF 202KB)
16 Apr 2038 HSBC Bank plc USD 70,000,000 Fixed Rate Note ISIN XS0914275754 Final terms (9-page PDF 27KB)
24 May 2038 HSBC Bank plc USD 194,600,000 Accreting Note - Callable ISIN XS0933176298 Final terms (9-page PDF 27KB)
1 Jun 2038 HSBC Holdings plc USD 1,500m 6.800% Subordinated Notes ISIN US404280AJ87 Common code 036605901 Prospectus supplement (74-page PDF 271KB)
10 Sep 2038 HSBC Bank plc USD 106,400,000 Zero Coupon Callable Note ISIN XS0967101600 Pricing supplement (7-page PDF 58KB)
15 Jan 2039 HSBC Bank USA, NA USD 700m 7% Subordinated Global Bank Notes ISIN US4042Q1AD94 Cusip 4042Q1AD9 Pricing supplement (4-page PDF 63KB)
6 May 2039 HSBC Bank plc USD 125,000,000 Autocallable Notes ISIN XS1062493348 Pricing supplement (7-page PDF 106KB)