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6 Jun 2019 HSBC Bank plc EUR 1,229,000 Maxi Autocallable short DI put with exit bonus ISIN XS1075066248 Pricing supplement (14-page PDF 59KB)
10 Jun 2019 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 1,750m 6.000% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0433028254 Common code 043302825 Final terms (10-page PDF 2MB)
27 Jun 2019 HSBC Bank plc EUR 2,089,000 Autocallable Recovery Short DI put ISIN XS1079310741 Pricing supplement (15-page PDF 51KB)
15 Jul 2019 HSBC Bank plc EUR 10,200,000 Auto-Callable + Short DI Put ISIN XS1082871796 Pricing supplement (14-page PDF 138KB)
16 Jul 2019 HSBC Bank plc EUR 1,590,000 Maxi Auto-Callable + Short DI Put ISIN XS1084753828 Pricing supplement (15-page PDF 56KB)
7 Aug 2019 HSBC Bank plc EUR 3,000,000 Maxi Autocallable Recovery short DI put ISIN XS1095744147 Pricing supplement (16-page PDF 194KB)
29 Nov 2019 HSBC Bank plc EUR 1,450,000 Maxi Auto-Callable + short DI Put ISIN XS0934535146 Final terms (19-page PDF 70KB)
16 Jan 2020 HSBC France EUR 1,000m 1.875% Senior Notes ISIN FR0011391580 Final terms (8-page PDF 144KB)
5 Feb 2020 HSBC Bank plc EUR 10m Basket Average Growth Protected- Warrants ISIN GB00B7SFTQ43 Final terms (9-page PDF 37KB)
29 Jun 2020 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 700m 3.625% Subordinated Notes (callable 29 June 2015) ISIN XS022205331 Common code 02220533 Pricing supplement (10-page PDF 310KB)