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17 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc USD 37,960,000 Autocallable Recovery Short 1/Strike Put ISIN XS1055476680 Pricing supplement (13-page PDF 57KB)
20 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 16,082,000 Discount Bull Note ISIN XS1048217589 Pricing supplement (13-page PDF 56KB)
20 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 2,785,000 Discount Bull Note ISIN XS1050964532 Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 55KB)
20 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 3,687,000 Discount Bull Note ISIN XS1050993390 Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 54KB)
20 Apr 2015 HSBC France USD 1,500,000 Callable Maxi DI Reverse ISIN FR0012126563 Pricing supplement (17-page PDF 169KB)
20 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 2,000,000 Discount Bull Note ISIN XS1059405990 Pricing supplement (12-page PDF 53KB)
22 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc USD 6,850,000.00 Autocallable Notes ISIN XS1061049489 Pricing supplement (8-page PDF 169KB)
27 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 2,400,000 Maxi Autocallable Recovery Short DI Put ISIN XS0918749382 Final terms (16-page PDF 67KB)
29 Apr 2015 HSBC Bank plc EUR 199,000 Auto-Callable DI Reverse ISIN XS1059377256 Pricing supplement (13-page PDF 81KB)
29 Apr 2015 HSBC France EUR 2,000,000 Maxi Callable + Short DI Put ISIN FR0012169886 Pricing supplement (17-page PDF 169KB)