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14 Jan 2022 HSBC Holdings plc USD 900m 4.875% Senior Notes Cusip 404280AL3 ISIN US404280AL34 Prospectus supplement (76-page PDF 329KB)
22 Feb 2022 HSBC Bank plc USD 5,000,000 APAC NOTE 12 ISIN GB00B9JD4114 Final terms (10-page PDF 46KB)
23 Feb 2022 HSBC Bank plc USD 37.5m Lepo-Warrants ISIN GB00B73ML866 Final terms (21-page PDF 72KB)
30 Mar 2022 HSBC Holdings plc USD 2,000m 4.000% Senior Notes Cusip 404280AN9 ISIN US404280AN99 Prospectus supplement (75-page PDF 257KB)
10 Apr 2022 HSBC Bank Canada CAD 400m 4.80% Subordinated Debentures, Series D (callable 10 April 2017) ISIN CA40427HLZ42 Common code 050378888 Cusip 40427HLZ4 Prospectus supplement (11-page PDF 85KB)
6 Jun 2022 HSBC Bank plc USD 6m Lepo-Warrants ISIN GB00B8L1VM68 Final terms (21-page PDF 75KB)
6 Jun 2022 HSBC Bank plc USD 31m Lepo-Warrants ISIN GB00B8L1WM34 Final terms (21-page PDF 73KB)
28 Jun 2022 HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad MYR 500m 4.350% Subordinated Notes ISIN MYBDS0705776 Information memorandum (169-page PDF 483KB)
29 Jun 2022 HSBC Bank plc USD 1m LEPO - Warrants ISIN GB00B8N4J304 Final terms (23-page PDF 80KB)
4 Jul 2022 HSBC Bank plc USD 0.2m LEPO - Warrants ISIN GB00B8N4XP09 Final terms (23-page PDF 80KB)
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