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Maturity Issuer Amount security Reference Available material
9 Sep 2025 The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation - Singapore branch SGD 300m Floating Rate Senior Notes ISIN XS0538082982 Pricing supplement (9-page PDF 1MB)
15 Nov 2026 HSBC USA Inc USD 150m 7.75% Capital Securities (callable from 15 November 2006 at a premium; from 15 November 2016 at par) ISIN US760715AB85 Cusip 760715AB8 Offering memorandum (58-page PDF 2MB)
15 Dec 2026 HSBC USA Inc USD 200m 7.808% Capital Securities (callable from 15 December 2006 at a premium; from 15 December 2016 at par) ISIN US40427PAA30 Cusip 40427PAA3 Offering memorandum (62-page PDF 2MB)
15 May 2027 HSBC USA Inc USD 200m 8.38% Capital Securities (callable from 15 May 2007 at a premium; from 15 May 2017 at par) ISIN US40427QAA13 Cusip 40427QAA1 Common code 016015431 Offering memorandum (61-page PDF 2MB)
2 Nov 2027 HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad MYR 500m 5.050% Subordinated Notes ISIN MYBDX0706808 Information memorandum (172-page PDF 514KB)
20 Dec 2027 HSBC Holdings plc GBP 650m 5.750% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0159497162 Common code 015949716 Pricing supplement (7-page PDF 248KB)
18 Mar 2028 HSBC Bank plc USD 20,000,000 Daily Range Accrual ISIN XS0905657291 Final terms (11-page PDF 170KB)
11 Sep 2028 HSBC Holdings plc GBP 650m 6.750% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0387079907 Common code 038707990 Final terms (9-page PDF 1MB)
19 Nov 2028 HSBC Bank plc EUR 50,000,000 Credit Linked Note ISIN XS0992855592 Pricing supplement (9-page PDF 137KB)
4 Nov 2030 HSBC Bank plc GBP 350m 5.375% Subordinated Notes (callable 4 November 2025) ISIN XS0204377310 Common code 020437731 Pricing supplement (8-page PDF 342KB)