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Maturity Issuer Amount security Reference Available material
2 Apr 2020 HSBC Bank plc GBP 1,492,200 Leverage Airbag + ISIN GB00BKXH0W96 Pricing supplement (9-page PDF 38KB)
Terms and conditions (13-page PDF 93KB)
29 Jun 2020 HSBC Holdings plc EUR 700m 3.625% Subordinated Notes (callable 29 June 2015) ISIN XS022205331 Common code 02220533 Pricing supplement (10-page PDF 310KB)
30 Jun 2020 HSBC Bank plc EUR 19,000,000 Basket Average Growth Protected ISIN GB00BBPJDY32 Final terms (11-page PDF 37KB)
13 Jul 2020 HSBC Bank plc USD 2.25m Lepo-Warrant ISIN GB00B43CH769 Final terms (63-page PDF 237KB)
12 Aug 2020 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,500m 4.125% Senior Notes ISIN US44328MAC82 Common code 053251609 Final terms (12-page PDF 894KB)
19 Aug 2020 HSBC Bank plc USD 10m Lepo-Warrants ISIN GB00B561H332 Final terms (64-page PDF 241KB)
24 Aug 2020 HSBC Bank USA, NA USD 1,250m 4.875% Subordinated Notes ISIN US4042Q1AE77 Common code 053605877 Cusip 4042Q1AE7 Pricing supplement (4-page PDF 181KB)
28 Aug 2020 HSBC Bank plc GBP 10,000,000 Fixed Rate Notes ISIN XS0965417164 Pricing supplement (7-page PDF 61KB)
27 Sep 2020 HSBC USA Inc USD 750m 5.0% Subordinated Notes ISIN US40428HPB23 Common code 054461534 Prospectus supplement (72-page PDF 200KB)
29 Sep 2020 HSBC Bank plc GBP 500m 4.75% Subordinated Notes (callable 29 September 2015) ISIN XS0230339417 Common code 023033941 Final terms (12-page PDF 422KB)