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31 Jul 2017 HSBC Bank plc USD 19,834,000 PALMS1169 ISIN XS1091773009 Final terms (20-page PDF 89KB)
9 Aug 2017 HSBC Bank USA, NA USD 500m 6.0% Subordinated Notes ISIN US4042Q1AC12 Common code 031562074 Cusip 4042Q1AC1 Pricing supplement (4-page PDF 29KB)
20 Sep 2017 HSBC Bank plc USD 10m Mizuho Credit Linked Note ISIN XS0808622533 Final terms (17-page PDF 55KB)
28 Sep 2017 HSBC Bank plc USD 5,000,000 Best Of Airbag + (Best Of) - DI on WO ISIN XS1040995489 Pricing supplement (13-page PDF 56KB)
9 Oct 2017 HSBC Bank plc USD 2,000,000 Maxi Leverage Airbag + ISIN GB00BDSTLJ59 Final terms (8-page PDF 33KB)
6 Nov 2017 HSBC Bank plc USD 850,000 Maxi Auto-Callable Short DI Put ISIN XS0987297396 EIS215 Pricing supplement (13-page PDF 44KB)
Terms and conditions (15-page PDF 74KB)
5 Dec 2017 HSBC Bank plc USD 800,000 Maxi Auto-Callable short DI put ISIN XS0998085350 Preference shares (15-page PDF 72KB)
Pricing supplement (11-page PDF 38KB)
9 Jan 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 1m Phoenix Note - JPM Termsheet ISIN XS0873537459 Final terms (15-page PDF 60KB)
16 Jan 2018 HSBC USA Inc USD 1,500m 1.625% Senior Notes ISIN US40428HPH92 CUSIP 40428HPH9 Prospectus supplement (74-page PDF 287KB)
30 Jan 2018 HSBC Bank plc USD 1,000,000 Maxi Autocallable short DI put with exit bonus ISIN XS1021353344 Pricing supplement (10-page PDF 35KB)
Preference shares (14-page PDF 68KB)