A decade of investment

Teach For All helps place top-performing teachers in deprived areas to improve the standard of teaching and reduce inequality. Teachers touch the lives of many and provide the opportunities needed for individuals and communities to succeed.

Through the HSBC Global Education Trust we have donated GBP1.8 million to the programme, aimed at reducing educational disadvantage in countries such as Australia, Chile, Eastern Europe, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico and Pakistan.

Teach for All was initially set up in the USA as 'Teach for America', which HSBC also supports. This initiative provided the finance and organisation to place teachers from Ivy League schools into deprived areas for a period of two years.

The scheme was so successful that HSBC chose to become a founding member of Teach First in the UK and has since supported over 600 maths teachers through this programme. This initiative seeks to address educational disadvantage by transforming exceptional university graduates into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders.

It attracts the UK's most sought-after graduates to teach for two years at challenging secondary schools in London and other major UK cities before they enter high-profile careers – both in education and in other sectors. The programme provides leadership training, coaching and advice at Imperial College, London.

Teach First has changed the perception of teaching in a challenging school from relatively low status to one of the top 10 most prestigious graduate jobs. Recently ranked 9th in The Times' Top 100 list of Graduate Employers, it is cited as one of the five major reasons for improvement in London schools.

HSBC initiated the Fellows programme in 2001 because we recognised the need for, and the shortage of, good maths teachers. We saw that Teach First could be a very effective way of addressing the problem of the lack of skilled maths teachers and could play a significant role in improving the opportunities available to young people

Simon Martin,

Head of Group Corporate Sustainability

In 2012, HSBC agreed to support over 1,000 more maths teachers through Teach First in the UK with a total commitment of an additional GBP730,000.