For children living in remote communities in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, the river’s waterways are sometimes the only transport link. School can be hard to get to and access to a computer is a rare luxury.

To help these rural children bridge the education gap, HSBC has funded a floating school that will provide computers, internet access and financial education.

Built on a converted ferry, the school is teaching pupils how to master basic software programmes, offering them important skills for the future.

Nguyen Vinh Thai, a student, said: “In this class, I learnt about computers and how to type up documents. It will help me later in my career.”

The floating school will move to a new area every three months, helping an expected 1,200 students a year from rural and isolated communities.

Scott Solberg, Co-Head of Banking, HSBC Vietnam, said: “Through this ground-breaking programme, we will help provide the children living in these disadvantaged rural areas with the tools and skills required to establish careers and live rewarding lives in the 21st century.”

This is the second mobile school in Vietnam funded by Future First, HSBC’s flagship global education programme. The school is part of a three-year partnership with the Dariu Foundation, a Swiss-based non-governmental organisation, which has received USD339,500 of funding from the programme.

The first mobile school was launched in Vietnam last year on a large converted truck. The whole mobile school project is expected to benefit 18,000 students, and 150 local teachers in the Mekong Delta by 2016.

Globally, HSBC invests around USD50 million a year in charitable education projects, designed to help young people around the world to reach their potential.