Our data centres account for 20-25 per cent of the Group's total energy consumption. That's why HSBC is committed to designing and building all of its new data centres in a sustainable and efficient way. The ever-increasing demand for computer processing and data storage means HSBC is reviewing its data centre portfolio and building new, more energy-efficient facilities.

In 2009, the collaboration of HSBC technology and sustainability experts led to the formation of the 'energy team'. Its goal is to measure, manage and improve the energy usage and efficiency of the bank's data centre portfolio. By working with suppliers and experts, the 'energy team' helps reduce HSBC's environmental footprint and improve operational performance.

Improvements in efficiency have led to an 8.6 per cent reduction in energy consumed in our data centres (2010-11). However, like a fine sports car, data centres need constant management and oversight to stay tuned and efficient. This is the function of the energy team.