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Learning, development and support

Graduate programmes in HSBC

We see a future with so much to offer. Do you?

At HSBC, we are inspired by the future. We are ready to seize the opportunities it will bring – by helping today’s talented students, graduates and postgraduates become our leaders of tomorrow.

Building a bank of knowledge

Our aim is to equip you with a detailed understanding of HSBC, the banking industry and the business area you join. Your induction and onboarding to HSBC will only be the beginning. Your education continues with our comprehensive Learning curriculum which comprises a variety of online and face-to-face activities, which are all provided in an environment that supports and encourages employees to drive their own development.

And your development does not stop there. Your manager will help you set performance and career goals and expectations, and evaluate your progress towards achieving them. You will also have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable and experienced colleagues, many of whom will be experts in their field.

Accessing our global network

From the outset, you will have the support and access to develop your own professional networks with colleagues and clients around the world, which will be crucial to your development.

There will also be a variety of virtual and in-person interactions available with colleagues from other countries around the world through opportunities such as rotations, short-term assignments, as well as the potential to join our Group Graduate Development programme in the UK, or one of our Regional Graduate Development Programmes that focus on providing your further regional exposure.

Continuing the journey

Throughout your early career at HSBC, you’ll be inspired, challenged and developed.

As your career continues, you can choose to remain within your current business stream, change direction or potentially join our International Management Programme. This programme further develops highly talented and mobile international managers to work in any business, in any location around the globe.

More about working for HSBC

Community and people

We believe in looking
to the long-term. Do you?

As one of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world, we take our responsibilities seriously. We want all employees to act with integrity towards our customers, respect local communities and the environment, and help create an inclusive working environment.
Business structure

We understand the value of global connections. Do you?

HSBC is an interconnected international bank. We serve our customers through our four Global Businesses. These businesses work closely together and are supported by operational and functional teams around the world.