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HSBC Trinkaus Graduate Trainee Programme

HSBC's Graduate Programmes

The HSBC Trinkaus Graduate Trainee Programme is for graduates looking to gain knowledge of specific areas of a leading global bank. The programme provides opportunities to take on roles of increasing responsibility in our stimulating, highly motivated environment.

Who can apply?

To be considered for the programme, you will:

  • Be a graduate or postgraduate
  • Have banking experience, possibly gained from an internship or apprenticeship
  • Have a good command of both spoken and written German and English
  • Have very good social skills

Please apply as early as possible, approximately six months before the desired entry date.

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What to expect

Supported by experienced managers, colleagues and a wide network of diverse peers, you will be encouraged to take on responsibility and bring new ideas to the table. You will be valued as an individual and for the contribution you make.

Over the 12- to 18-month programme, you will be integrated into the business and provided with the opportunity to work independently on important projects. Our aim is to enable you to expand your horizons by moving around selected departments of the bank. This will see you taking on a variety of tasks in line with your strengths and interests, adapting to changing priorities and accepting more responsibility. We will make sure that you are developed individually and flexibly in accordance with your strengths.

You will also have the opportunity to work overseas, possibly spending a few weeks in HSBC offices in London or Paris. This will enable you to view banking and our operations from an international perspective.

Learning, development and support

Our programme will equip you with the skills and experience required to start a successful career with HSBC, as well as the opportunity to develop your professional network with colleagues around the world.

Over the course of the programme, we typically offer:

  • Targeted, advanced learning programmes
  • Opportunity to participate in international training and development programmes
  • In-house training on topics such as presentation, communication and management to help you in future projects