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Hong Kong Work Experience Programme

Taiwan Young Banker Development Programme

The Hong Kong Work Experience Programme is for students looking for a work placement with a leading global bank. The programme provides you opportunities to gain some hands-on experience and develop your knowledge of banking and financial services.

Who can apply?

To be considered for the programme, you will:

  • Be a final-year secondary school student or above
  • Have the legal right to work in Hong Kong
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What to expect

Supported by experienced managers, colleagues and a wide network of diverse peers, you'll be encouraged to take on responsibility and bring new ideas to the table. You will be valued as an individual and for the contribution you make.

Over four to eight weeks, you will gain exposure to the workings of our business in Hong Kong. Opportunities are available across our diverse Global Businesses and Functions, subject to business requirements.

Providing general business support to your function, you'll be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from school to real business situations. This could play a vital role in preparing you for a successful future in banking.

Learning, development and support

Our programme will provide you with an insight into what it’s like to work for a global bank and help you decide your future career options.

Over the course of the programme, we typically offer:

  • The opportunity to build a good understanding of the business world at HSBC
  • An insight into a particular aspect of our Hong Kong business
  • Valuable exposure to the banking sector
  • On-the-job learning
  • Day-to-day interaction with experienced team members