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Finance, Summer Analyst Internship

Graduate programmes

Finance works in partnership with the business to provide relevant financial analysis; improve its financial processes; manage local, regional and global regulatory changes; and oversee a strong control environment. The main areas of Finance are Product Control, Management Information, Planning and Analysis, Accounting and Regulatory Advisory, Business Finance and Change Management.

Summer Analyst Internship

The aim of the Summer Analyst Internship is for you to develop skills that will help you become a well-connected, full-time HSBC employee in the future.

Over 10 weeks, you will build your knowledge of Finance, your analytical and communication skills, and demonstrate your initiative and collaborative spirit within a team. Your line manager will set measurable objectives and manage your performance, as well as offer you support and guidance throughout.

Who can apply?

The internship is open to students in their penultimate year of university study.

To be considered for a placement, you will:

  • Act with integrity, in keeping with HSBC's values
  • Be results-oriented with strong analytical and numerical skills
  • Have the ability to demonstrate a reasonable sense of urgency
  • Be open to change in a fast-paced environment
  • Have confidence in a team and when creating business networks
  • Be passionate about finance and have a keen eye for details
  • Be hard-working, self-motivated and willing to take on new challenges
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What to expect

After a one-week induction, including IT and technical training tailored to Finance, you will complete a nine-week placement within a team. There, you will learn about finance control, financial management and project management.

We will offer you:

  • First-hand experience working on a project or day-to-day activities
  • Both practical experience and classroom training so that you will gain the right balance of knowledge and technical business skills
  • Regular business and social events to complement your day-to-day role so that you can build your network and establish your name
  • Insight into HSBC's competitive advantages in international markets and the financial services industry

Learning, development and support

We are serious about your learning and development and want you to get the most out of your internship with HSBC. That is why we combine hands-on experience with technical and behavioural skills training, and give you the opportunity to build strong networks with other interns and business leaders.

We’ll provide you with:

  • A buddy who you can share ideas with, and who will give you guidance and support
  • Regular business feedback on your performance
  • Opportunities to establish a solid network across Global Banking and Markets
  • Encouragement to take the initiative and be proactive
  • A work environment that values diversity, respect and a healthy work-life balance

The Summer Analyst Internship also acts as an extended assessment centre for students who may want to join the full-time Finance, Graduate Analyst Programme. Students who perform well throughout the course may be offered a placement once they have graduated from university.

During the Summer Analyst Internship, we want you to take the initiative, collaborate and feel like a part of our global teams. But most of all, we hope that the internship will give you invaluable experience that will inspire you to develop a lasting career with us.

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