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Canada Commercial Banking Management Programme

HSBC Graduate Programmes

The Canada Commercial Banking Management Programme is for graduates looking to progress with a leading global bank. The programme will provide opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge to offer customised banking solutions to our business customers.

Who can apply?

To be considered for the programme, you will:

  • Have a degree from a recognised university and/or at least a year’s experience of the banking/finance sector
  • Possess a leadership mindset and an aptitude for sales and customer service
  • Have broad knowledge of industries in Canada
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Be available to start July 2014

We are now accepting applications for the July 2014 start date. Please note that candidates can apply to a maximum of two locations. Available locations include Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Apply Now – Toronto
Apply Now – Halifax
Apply Now - Montreal
Apply Now – Calgary
Apply Now – Edmonton
Apply Now – Vancouver

Applications must be fully submitted by close of business on Saturday, 1 February 2014.

What to expect

Supported by experienced managers, colleagues and a wide network of diverse peers, you'll be encouraged to take on responsibility and bring new ideas to the table. You will be valued as an individual and for the contribution you make.

Over the 12-month programme, you’ll discover at first hand what it takes to thrive in our challenging, fast-paced, sales-driven environment. You’ll learn commercial banking practices and gain the tools needed to manage a portfolio of commercial business customers in one of our Commercial Banking business segments, Business Banking, or Corporate Banking.

Throughout the programme, you’ll be continually learning from your colleagues in Commercial Banking, and gaining front-line experience in dealing with customers, and credit and financial statement analysis. By the end of the programme, you’ll know how to manage business customer relationships - how to understand their objectives and develop strategies to grow their portfolios.

Learning, development and support

Our programme will equip you with the skills and experience required to start a successful career with HSBC, as well as the opportunity to develop your professional network with colleagues around the world.

Over the course of the programme, we typically offer:

  • Initial job shadowing to familiarise you with HSBC
  • A rigorous eight-week training programme
  • A coach to support your day-to-day training needs
  • A manager to oversee the progression of your training
  • A graduate programme manager to provide you with career planning and relationship management guidance
  • A network of peers, experienced colleagues and alumni with whom to share experiences

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