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Global Liquidity and Cash Management Global Graduate Programme

Key information

For: University graduate

Duration: Two years

Areas: Global Banking and Markets

Programme locations

What to expect

We’re looking for the future leaders of Global Liquidity and Cash Management. You will need to be forward-thinking, driven, perceptive and open to different ideas and cultures and enjoy being part of a team.

Over the two years, you’ll undertake four rotations across GLCM, each lasting six months. These will enable you to build wide-ranging expertise in Product, e-Commerce, Client Management, Business Management, Sales and Business Risk Control Management.

You’ll also be able to take part in our sustainability initiatives. Our volunteering programme, for example, could help you to develop new skills, while contributing to the communities in which we work.

As well as your immediate team, we have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), also known as networks. They are similar to the clubs and societies that you may have had access to at school, college or university. ERGs are voluntary employee-led groups. Our seven core global diversity-themed networks are: Ability, Balance, Embrace, Faith, Generations, Nurture and Pride. We also have common interest groups which connect employees on a variety of different topics. They are open to all employees.

We offer a market-competitive pay and benefits package according to your location.

Learning and development

We offer fantastic opportunities for you to grow your career. We take your development seriously and are committed to supporting you in driving your career forward. This starts with our global induction which will provide you with an overview of HSBC, the opportunity to connect with peers and business leaders from across the world, and will prepare you for the programme.

Once you’ve completed your Induction, you will join the Global Banking and Markets Technical Training in August 2018, which will be delivered in the UK. This will provide you with an understanding of how everything in the bank fits together, along with a mix of technical and regulatory training. The Technical Training is also an ideal opportunity to start building your own global network, which will prove invaluable as your HSBC career unfolds.

Your training will be carefully structured to enable you to fulfil your potential. As well as having regular access to business leaders for coaching and advice, you’ll have the opportunity to study for an industry-recognised qualification, while constructive feedback will enable you to measure your performance. You’ll be assigned a mentor and buddy, who will offer guidance and support. Continued learning will involve “lunch and learn” sessions and soft-skills training.

Career paths

On completion of the programme, you’ll be a regarded as a specialist in your area in sales, product or strategy and could start progressing towards a senior role. You will have the flexibility to choose a permanent role that is most suited to your interests and skills. You should aim to become a leader or senior manager, with either country or regional responsibilities, or head of a product team.

Explorers wanted

We are looking for Explorers; people who can search for international opportunities and enable us to develop products and services for governments, corporates and institutions.

We assess all applicants against our values and our global graduate capability framework. Information on our recruitment and selection process can be found on our hints and tips page.

Apply and location criteria:

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Global Liquidity and Cash Management Internship

For: University undergraduate

Duration: 10 weeks (16 weeks in Canada)

Areas: Global Banking and Markets

This internship offers penultimate-year degree students an insight into one of the world’s leading Global Liquidity and Cash Management providers. You will learn how Global Liquidity and Cash Management helps our customers do business by complementing their existing processes and by supporting them manage their operating cash flows more efficiently, with greater security, at a lower cost.

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