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Banking – Country and Sector Advisory Summer Analyst Internship

Key information

For: Student

Duration: 10 weeks

Areas: Global Banking and Markets

Programme locations

Who can apply?

The internship is open to students in their penultimate year of university study.

To be considered for a placement, you will:

  • Act with integrity, in keeping with HSBC's values
  • Have an interest in international markets and finance
  • Seek to provide the best advice possible
  • Be hard-working, self-motivated and willing to take on new challenges

Applicants from the USA can apply using this link.

What to expect

You will complete a nine-week placement within a team in one of two areas. ‘Product’ comprising Corporate Finance or ‘Coverage’ including Financial Institutions, Resources and Energy Group, Financial Sponsors and Corporate Sector Group.

Whichever path you take, you will learn about our products, industries and geographies in order to contribute live financial advisory projects or transactions in a fast-paced environment.

Learning, development and support

After an initial one-week induction, you will begin your placement. Over the course of the summer, you will develop IT, technical and behavioural skills through training and practical experience.

Throughout the programme you will also receive:

  • Continuous performance management and feedback
  • Support from a dedicated buddy and mentor
  • The opportunity to attend regular business and social events to enable you to build a network and raise your profile

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