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Argentina Young Professionals Programme

Key information

For: Graduate, Student

Duration: 18 months

Areas: Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Banking and Markets, Global Private Banking, HSBC Technology and Services, Global Functions

Programme locations

Who can apply?

To be considered for the programme, you will:

  • Be graduating within the coming six months
  • Be a graduate with up to two years’ experience in a chosen profession including industrial engineering, business administration, CPA (public accountants), economics, finance, marketing, foreign trade, systems, human resources, industrial relations and advocacy
  • Have an advanced level of written and spoken English
  • Have an outstanding academic record

What to expect

Supported by experienced managers, colleagues and a wide network of diverse peers, you'll be encouraged to take on responsibility and bring new ideas to the table. You will be valued as an individual and for the contribution you make.

Over the 18-month programme, you can expect to undertake three placements around the bank, which will give you a breadth of experience. You’ll also be challenged to use your talents and academic knowledge to add value to the bank and improve your professional and personal skills.

Learning, development and support

Our programme will equip you with the skills and experience required to start a successful career with HSBC, as well as the opportunity to develop your professional network with colleagues around the world.

Over the course of the programme, we typically offer:

  • A mentor and tutor who will provide you with constructive advice and career guidance
  • Encouragement to fulfil your potential
  • Ad hoc learning and development opportunities throughout the programme

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Singapore Management Associate Programme

For: Graduate, Student

Duration: Two years

Areas: Global Banking and Markets, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking

The Singapore Management Associate Programme is for graduates looking to develop a career with a leading global bank. The programme provides you opportunities to develop your strategic thinking and leadership skills and, on completion, you will have gained the knowledge and experience to progress into your first leadership role.

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Hong Kong Co-op Programme

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Hong Kong Internship

For: Student

Duration: Eight weeks

Areas: Commercial Banking

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