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We work very hard to encourage a diverse sales team with different backgrounds and experiences

I am originally from Zimbabwe, where I worked for a stockbroking company prior to leaving for the UK in 1987. I worked for several banks before joining HSBC in 2003.

I am now responsible for Credit Sales across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and lead a team of 40 salespeople. Our clients range from major asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies to banks, hedge funds and family offices.

In the early part of my career at other banks, there was a real ‘sink or swim' mentality and whilst fortunately I did the latter, I am sure that my career progression would have been smoother had I received more formal support and training. This is one of the reasons why I have become involved in the Graduate Programme at HSBC, where I am responsible for leading the recruitment and training of graduates for Global Markets' Sales.

I am proud of the HSBC brand and how it sets itself apart from the other banks I have worked for.

I welcome the diversity and equality, and we work hard to encourage a diverse sales team with different backgrounds and experiences.

HSBC is the most collegiate bank I have worked for and this is important if you want a long career in banking. To survive the long hours, you need to really enjoy the environment you work in and this is totally dependent on the quality of the people around you.

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Gisela Boomgarden

Head of Emerging Markets Balance Sheet Management - London (UK)

Working on the trading floor is intense...but the team spirit is strong and it never gets boring

Richard Hastings

Senior Vice President, Global Markets Trader - New York (USA)

We work with some very smart people who help make each day as rewarding as it is challenging

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