Our objective is to be the world’s leading and most respected international bank

Our purpose is to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams and realise their ambitions.

We have developed a long-term strategy that reflects our purpose and distinctive advantages:

  • A network of businesses connecting the world: HSBC is well positioned to capture international trade and capital flows. Our global reach and range of services place us in a strong position to serve clients as they grow from small enterprises into large multinationals

  • Wealth management and retail with local scale: we aim to make the most of opportunities arising from social mobility, wealth creation and long-term demographic changes in our priority growth markets. We will invest in full-scale retail businesses in markets where we can achieve profitable scale

The international flow of goods, services and finance continues to expand, helped by the development of technology. Of the world’s top 30 economies, we expect those in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa to grow about threefold by 2050.

This growth is bringing millions of people into the global middle class, especially in Asia. Meanwhile, the world’s population aged 60 and above will more than double from less than one billion in 2015 to more than two billion by 2050.

HSBC is one of the few truly international banks. We have an unrivalled global presence with access to more than 90 per cent of global GDP, trade and capital flows. Our network connects faster-growing and developed markets. We have a diversified universal banking model that supports a strong capital and funding base, reduces our risk profile and volatility, and generates stable shareholder returns. These are distinctive competitive advantages.

Investor Update 2015

Since 2011, we have materially transformed our business in line with our strategy. At our Investor Update in June 2015, we outlined plans to further reshape our business. We will redeploy resources to capture expected future growth opportunities and adapt to structural changes in the operating environment.

We have set out a series of actions to be completed by 2017. Read about our progress towards completing these actions as reported in our annual results in February 2016.


We aim to achieve a return on equity of more than 10 per cent by 2017, with momentum for higher returns in the future. We aim to grow business revenues faster than operating expenses on an adjusted basis. We are also committed to delivering a progressive dividend. Prospective dividend growth remains dependent upon the long-term overall profitability of the Group and delivering further release of less efficiently deployed capital. Actions to address these points are core elements of the Investor Update provided last June.

Delivering these priorities will create value for our customers and shareholders and contribute to the long-term sustainability of HSBC. In the process, we shall maintain a robust, resilient and environmentally sustainable business in which our customers can have confidence, our employees can take pride and our communities can trust.