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Pierre Goad was appointed a Group Managing Director in 2015 and a Group General Manager in 2014. He was first appointed Group Head of Communications in 2014. He held the dual role of Group Head of Human Resources and Communications from January 2015 to August 2016 when he returned full-time to Communications. He was appointed a Board Director of HSBC Bank Canada in 2015.

Pierre rejoined HSBC in 2011 as Co-Head of Communications from Zurich Insurance Group in Switzerland where he was Head of Corporate Communications. Pierre has extensive international experience and has held a series of strategy and communication roles at HSBC in London and Hong Kong, where he joined the bank in 2001. He was also a correspondent and editor of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., The Wall Street Journal in Canada, and The Asian Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong and Singapore. He is a Canadian and British citizen and Hong Kong permanent resident.

Pierre is on the Board of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) and is founding President of the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors (APACD).