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Pam Kaur was appointed Group Head of Internal Audit of HSBC Holdings plc in April 2013. She is a Group Managing Director and a non-voting member of the Group Management Board, reporting to the Chairman of the Group Audit Committee and administratively to the Group Chief Executive.

Ms Kaur has an MBA in finance, and a BCom (Hons) from Punjab University in India. She qualified as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young. She began her career in internal audit at Citibank.

She has extensive experience of creating and looking after large teams across different regions and has performed many senior roles in audit, business, compliance, finance and risk management at other global financial institutions. Ms Kaur has also worked with regulators and supervisory boards across the world.

Before joining HSBC, Ms Kaur was Global Head of Group Audit at Deutsche Bank. Other previous roles have included Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Restructuring and Risk Division, at The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Group Head of Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering at Lloyds TSB.

Between 1990 and 2005, Ms Kaur worked at Citigroup in a variety of roles including Group Director of Compliance, Global Consumer Group, and Head of Business Risk and Control, Global Derivatives.