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Antonio Losada

Antonio Losada

Chief Executive, Latin America

Antonio Losada was appointed Chief Executive, Latin America in February 2012. He was appointed Group Managing Director and joined the Group Management Board of HSBC Holdings plc in December 2012.

Mr Losada joined HSBC in 1973. He began his career with Roberts Group, occupying positions including Custody Officer, Mutual Funds Product Manager and Treasurer, and in 1993 he became General Manager of the Bank.

Mr Losada, who has also worked in private banking, was appointed Deputy Group CEO for HSBC Argentina Holdings S.A. in November 1999 and in 2001 he was appointed Deputy Head of Retail in HSBC Bank Brasil S.A. In 2002 he was named a Director of HSBC Argentina Holdings S.A. In 2003 he was appointed President and CEO of HSBC Bank Argentina S.A. and Deputy Group CEO of HSBC Argentina. He became President and CEO of HSBC Argentina in April 2007. He was appointed a Group General Manager in May 2008.

He is married with three children.

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