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1851 to 1860 of 1916 records
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15 Jan 2039 HSBC Bank USA, NA USD 700m 7% Subordinated Global Bank Notes ISIN US4042Q1AD94 Cusip 4042Q1AD9 Pricing supplement (4-page PDF 63KB)
6 May 2039 HSBC Bank plc USD 125,000,000 Autocallable Notes ISIN XS1062493348 Pricing supplement (7-page PDF 106KB)
29 Mar 2040 HSBC Holdings plc GBP 900m 6.000% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0498768315 Common code 049876831 Final terms (11-page PDF 350KB)
30 Jan 2041 HSBC Bank plc GBP 225m 6.25% Subordinated Notes ISIN XS0120514335 Common code 012051433 Pricing supplement (6-page PDF 158KB)
Pricing supplement (increase) (6-page PDF 158KB)
14 Jan 2042 HSBC Holdings plc USD 750m 6.100% Senior Notes Cusip 404280AM1 ISIN US404280AM17 Prospectus supplement (76-page PDF 329KB)
24 Jul 2042 HSBC Bank plc USD 30m Accreting Note - Callable ISIN XS0805075180 Final terms (10-page PDF 29KB)
25 Jul 2042 HSBC Bank plc USD 50m Accreting Note - Callable ISIN XS0806468103 Final terms (10-page PDF 29KB)
22 Oct 2042 HSBC Bank plc USD 10m Accreting Note - Callable ISIN XS0842241464 Final terms (10-page PDF 104KB)
19 Nov 2042 HSBC Bank plc USD 10m Accreting Note - Callable ISIN XS0852620094 Final terms (10-page PDF 29KB)
19 Nov 2042 HSBC Bank plc USD 15m Accreting Note - Callable ISIN XS0852946440 Final terms (10-page PDF 35KB)