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Investor relations

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Monday 23 Feb

Annual Results 2014

Fixed income securities

Find fixed income securities issued by HSBC and subsidiaries

Credit ratings

HSBC Holdings plc
Aa3 Moody's
A+ Standard & Poor's
AA- Fitch

Stuart Gulliver

Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver talks about our strategy and purpose


We are committed to high standards of corporate governance. We have complied throughout the year with applicable corporate governance code provisions in the UK and HK.

Investing in HSBC

Douglas Flint

Chairman Douglas Flint

Learn about our strategy and our financial performance. Find dividend information, speeches and investor presentations.

Contact us

Investor Relations team (London)

Telephone: +44(0) 20 7991 8041


Investor resources

Register to receive shareholder information electronically, see the list of contacts and FAQ.

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